Janice Shack-Marquez


I want to thank you for teaching Fierce Conversations.  I used the techniques you taught in class to navigate a confrontational conversation with my boss's boss.  I was not at all surprised by her reaction, which initially was defensiveness.  Despite that, I found myself connecting with her and seeing her as a person. I also felt a sense of openness, freedom, spaciousness that I had never before felt around her.  

-- Gwendolyn, Manager

Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations is an instructor-led workshop that provides practical tools and techniques for handling all types of conversations, whether it is running team meetings, coaching, delegating, or confronting difficult issues. Fierce conversations focuses on the power each conversation has to move you toward or away from your personal and business goals. 

Janice has delivered this highly interactive workshop to hundreds of participants. In this workshop, you use real issues -- your most pressing problems -- to learn about how to have the most effective conversations. You will leave the workshop with a personal plan for moving forward toward more honest, open, authentic conversations both at work and at home.

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